VP of Communications

LeAnne Westvang

Hi Martin friends and family! I'm LeAnne, your social media and overall friendly communications lady. This is my third year as VP of Communications, however, I took last year off when my oldest, Henry, left for Tison, and my little one, Soren, wasn't quite at Martin yet. He is  a kindergartener this year though, so I'm back baby!  I am the one posting all our social media content, newsletters, running the website (with some help from my awesome teammates!).

Henry started kindergarten at Martin way back in 2015, I became a room mom in 2016, and I've been PTA'ing every since. Being able to serve such a wonderful school for so many years has been a wonderful experience. 

 Your kids may know me better as (hopefully) one of their favorite substitute teachers, Mrs. W. I have loved getting to know the kids at our school since I started subbing in 2021. 

 I am also the VP of Membership over at Tison Middle School. I really do love PTA! My husband, Jason, and I own a gourmet mushroom farm right here in Weatherford called Dryad Grove where we grow gourmet and medicinal mushrooms as well as make mushroom products.  As a family, we love the great outdoors and football. Go Roos!! 

Previous and Current PTA Experience

Mary Martin Communications Chair - 2019-2020

Mary Martin VP of Communications - 2020-2021

Tison Middle VP of Membership  and Communications  Chair 2021-2022

Tison Middle VP  of Membership - 2022-2023

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