Marissa Galaviz

I’m Marissa Galaviz. I am the Treasurer for the Mary Martin PTA this year! I have been a PTA member since 2019 and an active board member since 2020. I have two little Roos, Faye going into Third, and Mira going into Kindergarten. They are my why. I strongly considered homeschooling but I found a home here at Mary Martin Elementary. I wanted to make sure I could have a voice and a presence here. PTA helps me achieve that. PTA helps me serve the amazing staff here. PTA helps me know that my kids will have a great education here. If you ever see me around say Hi! I’m always happy to help and lend a listening ear. I’m also involved with the Weatherford Soccer Association so you may see me a lot during soccer season at Cartwright Park. 

PTA Experience

2019 MME PTA Member

2020-2021 MME PTA Parliamentarian

2021-2022 MME PTA President

2022-2023 MME PTA Treasurer

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