VP of Programs

Stephanie Mylek

Hello my name is Stephanie Mylek. I am the VP of Programs for Mary Martin Elementary School. We have grown to love MME and the staff and I decided to take this position so I could assist them as well as our children in making school not only successful but fun. My goal is to also do everything in my power to captivate all children, and help promote their different interests. I excited to see if we can introduce new opportunities at MME to continue to make it the best. My mission is simple: make school fun, interactive and get parents involved and connected.

Currently I have two girls at MME. My oldest is going into 3rd grade and my youngest is going into 1st grade. My oldest has been attending since Kindergarten. My husband is retired military, which led us here to Texas as our potential final move!

A little about myself..... I am a military brat and spouse, and I was actually born overseas! I work as an ICU nurse in at Texas Health Harris FW, and previously worked the ER, along with a long list of other floors. I am a very science and math focused person but love things from gardening to animals. Although I have dabbled with many hobbies, my one true love is horse riding, training and competing. We have 5 cats (yes I'm a crazy cat lady....fostering has made me crazy) and two dogs. I love getting involved in the community and helping with animal shelters, and while briefly attending Weatherford College for a few classes for a future degree, I volunteered with their different departments. Education has a heavy emphasis in our household, and I hope that I can help all to make it fun and exciting for your household!

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